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  • Schwartau Coffee syrup for your coffee, tea or cocktail
  • Enjoy delicious coffee from Senseo, Cafe Club, Lavazza and much more
  • Treat your machine only the best for cleaning
  • Household Utensils from Swirl - Whether vacuum cleaner bags or trash bags here you will find it
The company Wark from Aldenhoven was founded in 2004 with the aim of offering the whole world and for Senseo in a Store. Under you can Germany far Senseo mugs
and of course Senseo code order at reasonable prices.
As we are continuously expanding our range with new products, please visit
something for every taste.
Except Senseo coffee pods you can find this code in our shop cocoa Milka and code for your Senseo coffee pod machine especially for kids a treat. Even Tea can be prepared with coffee pad machines.
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Brabantia ProdukteBrabantia is represented in many households. The company got a name by the beautiful desings and high quality products. We offer you accessories of this company in our assortment.

Doesn´t matter if garbage bags for your Brabantia bin, clothes peg bags or little household helper, here you´ll find it. New in our assortment are the bread boxes with their shapely design.

UHU LuftentfeuchterThere is nothing worse than wet air in your house hold. By the moisture mold can be formed on walls and window frames. To avoiding this every room should be ventilated every day. That means that the window should get opened that a draft arise. For at least 10 - 15 minutes.
To assistance it by wet rooms we have the air dehumidifier from UHU and Wenko in our assortment. So that  you can dehumidifier the air in cellar rooms, camping cars, old buldings, caravans or boats wehre it isn´t possible to get a draft. If you allreay have a gear for the respective dehumidifier, you can use these refills without problems.
Swirl Sortiment

With Swirl we offer a wide range of products related to vacuum cleaner bags, trash bags or accessories for dog & cat.

We also have a lot of products from the Melitta group in our assortment like Glasses Cleaning Cloths or descaler for coffee machines or water heater.

If you search for vacuum cleaner nozzles from Swirl, you find it in the categorie - Household Goods - Swirl - Accessories. If you don´t know which vacuum cleaner bag is suitable for your vacuum cleaner, you can search for the right model on

Dr. Becher Reiniger With Dr. Becher you buy a brand product with a great number of different products which are all excellent in performance and cleaning power.

If you search for an urine scale remover with hydrochloric acid, a cleaner for Ceran cooking surfaces, stainless care or Glass surfaces cleaner, you find everything from Dr. Becher in best quality.

Dr. Becher is one of the leading companies in the market with the most used products in gastronomy and commercial.
Monin Cocktail und Kaffee SirupSince 1912 there are syrups and liqueurs produced from the french familiy-company Monin. Exquisite fruits, spices, nuts and herbs form the basis for the special quality of Monin products.

There are many flavours which you can use to refine your food or drinks. We offer Monin syrup in bottles with 250ml. The choices are e. g. amaretto, caramel, grenadine, macadamia, hazelnut, vanilla, almond, coconut, peppermint, cinnamon etc.

Monin is the worldwide leading manufacturer of syrups. In more than 120 countries barkeepers, barista, cooks and pastry chefs use over 100 different Monin flavours.
Sagrotan No Touch NachfüllerSagrotan is for more than 100 years the expert for disinfection in household.

The "No Touch" refills in different odors like cucumber & watermelon, green Tea & ginger, pink Grapefruit, fresh Citrusmix, sheabutter & rose extract, aloe vera or cranberry are the perfect variety for your Sagrotan automatic soap dispenser.

These are easy to handle and uncomplicated to change. Sagrotan No Touch removes up to 99,9 % of bacteria and contains moisturizing ingredients to care for your skin.
Bioboy Biologischer Universalreiniger 500g DoseThe founder of Bioboy®, Mr Josef Groß made out of an idea to produce non chemical cleaning products, an philosophy of life.

The biological universal cleaner from Bioboy® cleans, polishes and protects. It´s biodegradable and saves the environment and our water.

It removes because of his abrasives and his preservative effect sustainable mold stains, mildew stains, etc.